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By | August 17, 2013

The Fat Guy Spends 0 on CANDY CRUSH is a topic that I will review in this article. You may have reached the game’s level at present or maybe you’re looking for a way to finish the game level.

Here I did not explain one by one how to play it or use it, but I found the video of the Fat Guy Spends 0 on CANDY CRUSH that you might see or follow to finish the game level. Because I made it through the stages of the game as well as find tips, hints or cheats on youtube and find this videos that I share in this article.

Previously I apologize and at once asked permission to have the video as I share this video to the readers of my articles without prior permission. But instead I give you a video url under video. To the readers, please refer the information and to the following video:

Francis apparantly spent 380 dollars on Candy Crush and Angry Birds on ipad. he gets confronted by his sister and loses his shit.

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